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Rusim & Ruslim,  was established in 2014 as a premier public accounting and business consulting firm in Indonesia.

Our staff and a management team comprising well-experienced and highly skilled professionals, Ruslim& Ruslim offers a full range of Auditing, Tax, Financial Advisory and professional accounting services. Our team of qualified and experienced professionals offers world class business advisory expertise and experience; with innovative, practice proven strategies for improving performance in management, business processes, finance, operations and information technology.

Our clients include privately-owned businesses and multi-national corporations in all sectors and have built an esteemed reputation in the areas of audit & assurance, tax, information technology consulting and business advisory services.


We always look for fresh graduate in Accounting or Tax to join our team, please send your cv to rekruitmen@ruslim.id

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We believe innovation will lead our business competition. Innovation is nothing more than taking an already existing idea and making it better. While this concept seems simple enough, innovation is a huge driving factor to economic growth, welfare, and resources.
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